Psychological Effects of Slave Training

February 25, 2008 at 2:09 pm (bdsm, slavery, submission)

These are a few of my own thoughts on the effects of slave training and why it works. I am not a psychologist and these are merely my own opinions as to how it affected me.

When my Master began training me, I had a very romantic and unrealistic view of what it was to be a slave. Like most subs who dream of a 24/7 relationship, we only see the sides of it that we choose to fantasize about. In reality, slave training is about a psychological and emotional breaking of any barriers that we might have surrounding our sense of self.

There is no way in the US to truly own someone legally or physically, thank goodness. Consensual slavery is just that… freedoms that we consent to give up and slave training is very similar to brainwashing in it’s psychological ramifications. However, it takes on a deeper meaning as our Master’s possess our minds.
As a submissive, when we choose to give ourselves to a Dom, we enter into an agreement on the limits of that agreement. There are things both sides receive in exchange for the other. In consensual slavery, you agree to give up all expectations of what you will receive in return. Obviously though, we must get something out of it or we wouldn’t do it.

Why are some Masters more successful than others in actually making it work? I believe that some Masters move too quickly and don’t take the time to possess a slave psychologically first. There is a process of breaking that opens the slave’s mind, emotions and finally heart as we reveal more and more of ourselves to our Masters. We slowly lose our rights with the right to privacy of thought and deed being the first.

As our Masters learn more about how we feel about everything, they slowly begin taking away the things that we felt entitled to. Physical privacy is one of those things. Most of us feel entitled to use the bathroom when we choose and usually alone. By taking away that right, Master forces us to become dependent on him for the most basic of our needs.

An article on the Process of Enslavement describes it this way:

“We can see why this takes time. It takes time because one must repeatedly, consistently, doggedly take ownership of a woman’s time and body, and strip her of the right to privacy. And it’s no wonder there is resistence along the way: it’s not only willfulness that must be addressed, but resistence out of fear when a woman begins to be transformed, when she feels her ownership of her time eroded, her ownership of her body stripped away, her privacy gone. A woman enters this process a free agent, comfortably familiar to herself, and is truly transformed.

She becomes a slave.”

As he probes our minds and emotions, we become accustomed to having him know our thoughts and feelings on everything. If he is good enough, he explores emotions and experiences that we may not have even known we had. It is not a comfortable experience or at least it wasn’t for me.

There were times when I just wanted to scream that I had answered the question. There wasn’t any more to it than No, I didn’t like it or Yes, I thought it was good. In most instances, I was wrong. There were things that I had hidden away from even myself and when forced to dig deeper, they came out. It was painful and it was exhausting and at times, frustrating.

I think that in my case, Master spent a great deal of time breaking down my walls of self protection and a great deal of time building a psychological dependency on him. It was this that allowed him to move me so deeply into submission in the months to come. My world revolved around pleasing him.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped acting like a slave and became one. I quit feeling as if I was entitled to privacy or to wearing, eating or doing what I wanted. I began to think of myself as my Master’s property not just consciously but subconsciously as well.

It was not always a smooth journey. Along the way, I often reacted in anger, lost my temper and said things that earned me punishment. Punishment was often moving back a step in my training and as I progressed I wanted more not less. However, there were also physical punishments along the way as well.

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